Saturday, February 26, 2011

"In A Moment"

In a moment I realized what it meant
I saw the reflection of my own sadness in your eyes
I felt the void between what I thought we had
And what you thought we had
I felt the difference in priorities
And the deepness of my shame

In a moment I will leave your life
I will try to forget the bliss I felt from your touch
The ecstasy I found in your embrace
And the passion that I will forever miss
A feeling that had long slipped away
To be replaced with rejection and doubt

In a moment I will heal from this heartbreak
I will finally forget the last time I glimpsed your face
The feel of your flesh against mine will haunt
And I will struggle to remember the sound of your voice
I will avoid the memories of us
So the scars from our war will fade with the years

In a moment I will come across the box of our time together
I will blow off the dust and carefully open the lid
Pangs of conflicting emotions will flood my soul
And I will smile as my eyes well up one last time
As the bad memories have faded
I will be free to enjoy the ghost of we

In a moment I will breathe my last breath
A long life lived and finally coming to an end
As the last sands of my hourglass start to fall
And I am flooded with memories of my time on Earth
There will be a second your faces flashes by
I will be glad to see it there as I say goodbye

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